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Experience the Land of Jesus in 2021!

Experience the Land and Grace Community Church join forces for the trip of a lifetime

Come with us to Israel October 18-31, 2021.


This year, we’ve added some great new features!

Participants receive an attractive & informative guide to each location we visit. This ensures that you will remember & savor your experience for years to come.


Our Main Tour: See the Best of Biblical Israel
in an exciting nine days

Our group departs EWR Airport in Newark NJ bound for Tel Aviv, Israel.

DAY 1: Arriving Tel Aviv in the morning, we board a tour bus to visit the beautiful northwest region of Israel including Caesarea by the Sea, Mt. Carmel, Megiddo, Nazareth Overlook and Tiberias. We’ll overnight at Nof Ginossar Hotel overlooking the lake. That night you’ll be able to gaze across the sea at sunset and envision what life was like 2,000 years ago. 

DAY 2: Today we’ll visit the historic spots where Jesus lived and ministered. We’ll start with the Galilee boat museum, home to a 1st century fishing boat. You’ll be able to envision how Jesus and his disciples crossed the Sea of Galilee. We’ll then head to the docks and board a boat for a ride on the sea. From there we will visit the place where Jesus had breakfast with his disciples (Tabgha) and then we’ll drive to nearby Capernaum, Jesus’ home base for ministry. That afternoon we’ll visit the Mt. of Beatitudes and then beautiful Mt. Arbel, the place where Jesus may have given his Great Commission (Mt. 28:18-20).

DAY 3: On this day, we will head up to northern Israel visiting Tel Dan, Caesarea Philippi and the Golan Heights. If we have time we will visit nearby Banias Waterfall, the place where Psalm 42 was likely written. Before returning to our hotel, we will visit a modern olive oil production factory. Our participants tell us they love this stop.

DAY 4: Today we depart Galilee by bus for Jerusalem. Our first stop will be the Yardenit baptismal site. If you have not been baptized, and would like to do this, now is the time. This is a very meaningful part of the trip. Our next stop is Beit She’an. Jesus and his disciples passed through this city each time they trekked from Galilee to Jerusalem. From there we continue south to Jericho. In the afternoon we will take the Jericho Rd. to Jerusalem. We’ll then visit the Mt. of Olives, walk the Palm Sunday Road, and visit the Garden of Gethsemane. In the evening we will check into the Inbal Hotel in Jerusalem where we will stay for the rest of our trip.

DAY 5: On this day, we focus on the birth of Christ. Our first stop is Ein Karem, the birthplace of John the Baptist. Then we head to the Shepherd’s Fields in Bethlehem. (We might even sing some Christmas carols!) After that, we visit Herod the Great’s mountain palace named Herodium. It is likely the place from which Herod sends out soldiers to murder the babies in Bethlehem. Then, returning to Jerusalem, we will visit the Southern Steps and remember Jesus’ dedication ceremony with Anna and Simeon. We’ll end the day with a quick visit to the Valley of Hinnom, the place that symbolized separation from God.

DAY 6: Free Day! We love giving our tour participants a free day in Jerusalem. Just wandering through the Old City is a cultural experience. Our tour participants often plan lunch with new friends and shop for souvenirs. If you want, you can also schedule a tour of Yad Vashem, the holocaust museum.

DAY 7: Today we head south. Descending into the Dead Sea region, we will visit Qumran where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. Then we’ll head further south to Engedi (where David hid from King Saul), and we will visit the stronghold of Masada. On the way back, our group will enjoy a swim in the Dead Sea.

DAY 8: We start day nine by visiting the City of David. This is the original city of Jerusalem dating back to the time of David and Solomon. We will stand in a place where David may have written his famous Psalms. Then, following the descent of the city, we will walk through Hezekiah’s Tunnel to the Pool of Siloam. After lunch, we’ll move into the Jewish Quarter of the Old City. After praying at the Western Wall, we’ll grab a bite to eat in one of the great restaurants in the square. Later, we’ll visit the House of Caiaphas and the traditional location of the Upper Room. Since Sabbath begins at sunset, we’ll return to our hotel for an early dinner.

DAY 9: On our last day we focus on Jesus’ last days. We will visit the Temple Mount, the Pool of Bethesda, the Praetorium and the Fortress of Antonia. Then we’ll walk along the Via Dolorosa, the route Jesus may have used when he carried his cross to Calvary. We will visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and end up at the Garden Tomb where we will take communion. We will enjoy a farewell dinner at a restaurant near the village of biblical Emmaus. Then it’s on to Tel Aviv to meet our flight.

Our group arrives back in the US.


The Post-Tour: Visit astonishing Petra, and then imagine worshipping at the Tabernacle in the Wilderness.

Our post-tour group spends the night at the Inbal Hotel.

DAY 1: Today we travel by bus through the Negev desert to the Timnah Nature Reserve to view the model of the Tabernacle in the wilderness. Then it’s on to Eilat where we will cross the border into Jordan. After meeting our Jordanian guide, we will drive to Wadi Mousa, overnighting at the Hyatt Zaman.

DAY 2: After a short drive to Petra, a World Heritage Site, we will meet our Jordanian guide and enjoy the stunning remains of the ancient Nabatean culture. You will walk through architectural gems that still amaze. After a very full day we will return to the Hyatt Zaman. DAY 3: Today we drive to Madaba Jordan to visit the famous Madaba church and view a true artistic masterpiece: The Madaba Map. From there, we drive to Mt. Nebo to view the Land of Promise. This is the very sight that Moses gazed upon just before he died. Then we’ll cross back into Israel via the Allenby Bridge and make our way to the airport for our trip home.

We return to the United States with lots of pictures and some great memories.

Please note: Because we’re seeking to find the best way to deliver value to our trip, our itinerary may be subject to change.

For more information, contact cindy@experiencetheland.com

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