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A Little Bit about Me

And why I love the land of Moses, David and Jesus.

About me…

My life is dedicated to helping people thrive.

For the past 25 years I’ve had the privilege of doing this as a pastor, an executive leadership coach, a Gallup-certified strengths coach, and an adjunct university and seminary professor. A significant part of helping people thrive is empowering them to connect the land of the Bible to the epic stories set down in Scripture.

  • The Bible is the bestselling book of all time with as many as 6 billion printed from 1815 to present.
  • It is also the most widely translated book, currently available in over half the world’s languages. (It will likely be translated into all the world’s languages by 2025).
  • Since the early 1990s, it’s been downloaded digitally at an exponential rate, with many of those downloads taking place in the non-Western world.
  • With all the archaeological digs in Israel, the Bible is constantly in the news.
  • Artifacts coming up out of the ground illustrate biblical stories, often giving us color-commentary on specific biblical texts.

This is a culturally relevant book!

This is a spiritually enriching book!

I love helping people understand what this powerful book meant when it was originally written in its historical and cultural context. When people begin to comprehend the Bible this way, the Word comes alive, and readers glean fresh insights.

There is no better place to encounter this than in the land where all those stories actually took place.

When I first traveled to Israel, shortly after graduating from college, I had multiple jaw-dropping moments as I finally connected biblical stories to the specific spots where they happened. My love for the land has consistently increased since then as I’ve led tours and built relationships.

I am a father of four and grandfather to eleven (and counting). And since my adult kids live in fun and interesting places, we do a lot of traveling. Cindy and I have worked closely together for nearly twenty years (we both love helping people grow and change), and we’ve been married since 1979.