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Your Best Vacation:
SEven Reasons Why a Trip to Israel Will Change Your Life

When you plan a vacation, you’re confronted with a myriad of options. Most are good! But what if you could plan a vacation that would genuinely change your life. I believe a trip to Israel does just that. Israel features dozens of sites with historic and spiritual significance…not to mention places that are just plain fun! I’m convinced that if you go, you’ll come back changed.This book shows you why.


Your Best Vacation: Seven Reasons Why a Trip to Israel Will Change Your Life

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Your Best Vacation

Seven Reasons Why a Trip to Israel Will Change Your Life

“This book says it all. Rod’s seven reasons are simple, compelling, and they hit the nail right on the head. I highly recommend his book. I’m with Rod: Go to Israel. It will change your life.”

Gregory A. Hatteberg, co-author, The Christian Traveler’s Guide to the Holy Land.

“Going to Israel with Pastor Rod MacIlvaine strengthened my faith and forever changed the way I read the Bible.  There is no substitute for walking where Jesus walked, and seeing the land that he called home.  I strongly encourage Christians (and those exploring the faith) to read this book and go themselves.  You will not regret it!”

Joshua McNall, PhD Assistant Professor of Theology, Oklahoma Wesleyan University

“If you’re hungry to know God more intimately and His Word more fully, stop and read this short insightful book, and then join Dr. Rod on an inspirational journey through the Holy Land. It will change your life.”

D. Scott Barfoot, ThM, PhD Director, Doctor of Ministry Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary.